Water is the one natural resource that every living being needs for survival. While it is exciting to see an increased awareness in water and sanitation issues across Canada, there is still a genuine water crisis facing First Nation communities that needs attention. As of January 31, 2012 there were 131 First Nation communities under some type of drinking water advisory, and that just scratches the surface.

To address these advisories, and other water and sanitation-related issues in First Nation communities, we have developed the Water Voices project. The mission of Water Voices is to drive innovative low-cost solutions to improve quality of life. The project is composed of three inter-related components that work together to engage, promote, and improve First Nation access to water and sanitation. The innovative use of technology by Water Voices addresses a global need to enhance geo-spatial access to water data.

In order to bring the vision of Water Voices to life, we are currently seeking partnerships with like-minded organizations as well as funding opportunities from those who wish to be a part of the solution. Water Voices is paving the way for solutions based approaches to water resource management challenges.  There are many ways we can work together to help improve the lives of thousands.  Please contact us at info@watervoices.ca to find out more!